Cellulose Tubular Mesh (Packnatur®)


These are meshes manufactured by VPZ, obtained through the cellulose yarn weaving process.

Obtaining the already colored fiber, using natural and biodegradable dyes, "Modal Color® System" patented by Lenzing and exclusively assigned to VPZ, avoids having to subject the material to a subsequent dyeing process, therefore the solidity of colors, such as food safety are fully guaranteed.

As in conventional woven compostable meshes, Packnatur® is manufactured in different diameters, depending on the type of machine and diameter of the packaging tube.

The wide palette of colors, White, Yellow, Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Beige, Orange, Purple, Brown, Black. They offer a multitude of possibilities and products to be packaged.

The OK COMPOST HOME certification, on all colors, guarantees the domestic compostability of this material.

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