Low thickness film for securing palletized loads (Tecny Up)

The continuous evolution of raw materials, with the appearance of latest-generation resins, together with new extrusion techniques based on nanotechnology, have given rise to a new series of very low-thickness materials, extruded with up to 39 nanolayers. Materials with thicknesses between 9 and 12µ capable of withstanding stretching indices (Pre-stretching head) greater than 280 % allow working with final thicknesses (Deposited on the pallet) in the environment of 3 microns, equivalent to 1.5 grams/meter of film. (6 grams of film per lap, for a 80x120m pallet.)

Bringing a film of these characteristics to the state of permanent deformation, or plastic zone, outside the elastic zone, guarantees the subjection of loads and conditions them to be transported anywhere by any means.