about us?

Spanish Research and Consulting Company

Tecny Media Trading develops its activity throughout the national territory. Part of the people that make it up have extensive experience of more than 30 years in the packaging and packaging sector.

We are a modern company, specialized in the supply of recyclable 100% materials, with a growing range of compostable and biodegradable products. Our commitment to our surroundings and the environment is one of our hallmarks. The reduction of the carbon footprint is part of our day to day.

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Rigor and professionalism, seriousness and humane treatment, experience and innovation in process analysis, audit work, proposal of alternative materials, technical reports, optimization of resources, cost savings... 

Each case demands a different solution and Tecny Media is qualified to offer it.

Years of experience


Tecny Media Trading is based on the 3 fundamental pillars


Meet the expectations of our customers and target audience in the search for alternatives and effective and efficient solutions, sharing with them our "know how" and our experience of more than 30 years in the container and packaging sector.


To bet resolutely, and whenever possible for environmentally friendly materials, from natural and renewable sources. We would like to leave future generations a clean and healthy planet, where the general interest prevails over the individual, and where respect for the environment is a maxim present in our management.





Offer with the utmost professionalism personalized solutions to the demands that companies make to us. In a specialized and demanding environment like the current one, we understand that standard and universal answers are not useful.

For this reason, the needs of our clients are treated on an individual basis, always seeking the best proposed/cost/solution ratio. Direct and personal treatment with a maximum of rigor allows us to offer the best response at all times.


We take care of


In our vision, and in one of our values, we say: "We defend an Environmentally Healthy Environment." We are convinced that if we manage to join efforts on both sides, and we are firmly committed to a circular economy model instead of using and throwing away, we will be able to leave future generations a Cleaner, Healthier and Healthier Planet.

Of the entire range of Tecny Media products, the most numerous is that of Bio Degradable and Compostable materials, this says a lot about our firm commitment to the Environment.

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